Monday, May 4, 2009

Bob Dylan Makes The True Blood Vamps' Clothes Fall Off

Meredith at made me laugh with her post about the new True Blood / Dylan promo..

The latest True Blood promo spot is out, with all our favorite characters doing what they do best: getting naked and rolling around in blood. Watch the cast jump and jive to Bob Dylan.

Check it out: Eric got a hair cut. He's looking good with that short hairdo. I'm very antsy to see what happens with Alexander Skarsgård this season, as I think he was undercut a little last year, with tiny t-shirts and the likes. But this?

This is lookin' both dangerous and hot. I'm also glad to see Jason on his knees, probably foreshadowing his big religious storyline for the season. Heck, its just good to have everyone back — we missed you, TB, and all your sexy blood play. The new season will start in June 14th.

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