Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anne Rice Talks about True Blood

from an excellent interviews with Ms Rice by Aaron W. Tellock

True Blood, the HBO series, is infinitely more complex. The show is clever, satirical and yet deeply involving. It is full of humor and yet its characters have tender and emotional scenes. I find it very engaging and fun to watch. Obviously it has too much sex and violence for very young teens. But for an adult audience, it is an amazing development in the vampire mythology, putting the vampires right into the mainstream of the modern world. I like the show. I think the vampire Bill is the usual metaphor for the outsider and the sensitive outcast who suffers. He's excellent.

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Selle Castaigneda said...

Dallas, thank you so much for combing the 'net and finding articles such as this and posting them here for us!! ....Sounds like Anne Rice is a fan of and watcher of True Blood and I think that's a huge compliment to Alan Ball and CH, too!

" Dallas " said...

You are welcome !