Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anna Paquin not engaged to Stephen Moyer

I'm not sure why this is news , right now ....and I AM not the place to come for gossipy kind of stuff but I thought you should know. From

Anna Paquin is denying reports she’s engaged to her “True Blood” co-star Stephen Moyer.

The couple began dating after shooting the first season of the HBO vampire series.

Recent reports suggested the Paquin and her British boyfriend were “heading to the alter”.

But 26-year-old actress has dismissed the rumors she’s set to marry her 39-year-old beau, with her publicist insisting they are “not true”.


Anonymous said...

Eh, I think it's necessary. Part of the problem comes from the deranged individual(s) posing on Facebook and Myspace as her. I friended "Anna Paquin" on Facebook right after the live chat just to see what this person was saying and it actually frightened me enough to immediately defriend "her"...I swear this person thinks she is Anna Paquin, especially when she denounced the LA Times Live Chat as fake. Scary. Even scarier...the number of people on her page who say "oh we know this is the real you, you're so awesome, why would they do that...blah blah blah. Anywho, I wish the real, private Anna and Stephen all the best! GO TRUEBLOOD!

Tanyuha said...

I did the same thing with Facebook and actually posted a few comments until I read an alleged letter from her publicist. It sounded like a first grader wrote it and anyone with half a brain wouldn't be stupid enough to take it for a real thing. Same with MySpace. As of Monday Anna and Stephen were not in my friends list, apparently Facebook and MySpace removed their pages. Good riddance. From now on I will be a fan from a distance =)