Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Living Dead in Dallas published in Portugal

Our Friend Telma from Portugal ( you met her when I did the interenational show )

writes.....I'm writing to you because this week, July 10th, the Portuguese edition of "Living Dead in Dallas" is going to be released, and it's a great coincidence to be out on my birthday!

It's named "Dívida de Sangue" meaning "Blood Debt" and it's cover resembles the American Beauty poster. Huum, a strange coincidence?

Anyway, the book synopsis refers that "after Sookie being attacked by a strange creature on the woods, Eric helps to save her life. She stays in debt with him and when he request her a favor, she has to comply."
The translation of the first book was quite good and I'm happy to know the translator remains the same.



Anonymous said...

I am from Portugal... Can't wait to read it...

Mima said...

Oh, I'm so envious of you guys in Portugal.
Our Brazilian-Portuguese version will come out soon as well. But they changed publishers and with that came some bad things: the cover is beyond horrible and the use of stupid slangs.

I'm not sure I'll buy the books in Brasilian-Portuguese anymore. :(