Sunday, July 5, 2009

True Blood behind the scenes: filming at the Carmilla Hotel in Dallas ( Silent Shore Hotel in books)

( click on images to enlarge) Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles, CA just wrapped HBO’s TRUE BLOOD.One of HBO’s newest hit shows “True Blood” is starting season 2 in June , keep watch for Stone Rose Lounge this season. Also featured is the amazing lobby of Sofitel LA located in West Hollywood. Shooting took two seperate days and a total of 18 hours one day and 24 hours the following week. During shooting of True Blood, Sofitel LA was turned into “Carmilla Hotel” a Vampire Hotel located in the south. The concierge desk featured Tru Blood bottles of blood (which look more like beer bottles). This exciting shoot was a huge hit with guests of the hotel. Guests of Sofitel got to see star of True Blood Anna Paquin upclose. Before and After photos were taking during shooting, see attached photos in this blog for a sneak peak at the show. True Blood’s filming was a total success and we hope to book them again sometime in the future. If you would like to represent your hotel, home, bar…please contact us at or use our contact page to send a message to our sales department. For information about True Blood go to
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