Saturday, July 11, 2009

True Blood Returns Contest- a- Day #5a - Best of the responses

In the the 10 days leading up to the return of True Blood ( season 2 ) I did a contest- a-day and gave out 10 fabulous prizes to lucky winners .

Many of the contests questions had complicated answers and folks have always wanted to read some of the contestant answers.

So lets look back at Question # 5a

Q: What 3 things might we find on Eric's desk at Fangtasia ? What one thing do we actually see?

There were many duplicates but these are some of the best !
Thanks to everyone !
Post your favorites in the comments !

Three things that could be found on Eric’s desk at Fangtasia.

A phone, because we know that Eric speaks on a landline at Fangtasia when Sookie calls
A word-of-the-day calendar, because Eric and Sookie have a lot in common
His blackberry, because it doesn’t fit into those tight jeans he wears
Fangtasia business papers
Employment list
Viking carvings,
Photo of Sookie Phone
Swedish to English translation book
CD of old Nordic music

One actual thing we see

Set of jade vases
Bottle of Tabasco.


Anonymous said...

In "Scrathes," there was a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Rita said...

I remember i put down the green jade vases