Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best Sookieverse story ever : Dancers in the Dark

Our friend from north of the border, the SciFiGuy reviews some great anthology's and includes Night's edge, that contains Charlaine Harris's Sookieverse story 'Dancers in the Dark'

This is FINALLY been re-released copies of this last year were selling on ebay for $85 buck and now you can buy it from Amazon below for under $5 bucks.

This is MY favorite Sookieverse story ( it's actually more than an short story it is a novella) NO MORE excuses about how hard it is to find and expensive to buy.

Buy the book and read it today and encourage anyone who loves Sookie books to read it too ( you will be so glad you did ) - Sookie meets Sean and Layla in All Together Dead !

Night's Edge
Charlaine Harris, Maggie Shayne, Barbara Hambly
(Reprint) 08/01/09

DANCERS IN THE DARK by Charlaine Harris
Dancer Layla Rue Le May's childhood prepared her to handle just about anything, including her aloof partner, Sean McClendon, a three-hundred-year-old vampire. But when she acquires a stalker, Layla Rue is surprised to find that Sean is the only one she can trust.

Charlaine has said ...I enjoyed writing third person, and it was a treat to create these characters. If I can ever find time to write about them again, I will.
Charlaine Harris

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