Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quantum Death Leaps Won't Staunch Your Bloody Vampire Tears

Meredith out does herself with Ep 9 review and a little shout out to us-she was great on TalkBlood last week and gave us a little preview of some of her famous "Pros and Con"

After last week's explosion of excitement, how could True Blood's vampires top the insanity? Simple: with Quantum Leap special effects and big, fat bloody tears. This was the episode where everybody cried themselves silly, because being a vampire is hard.

Last week's True Blood left the viewers with a big splodey cliffhanger. The Fellowship of the Sun's soldier, who loved Jason a little bit more than a bunk mate should, popped into the "Godric and his pajamas are awesome" party to spoil the mood completely, with a giant silver chest bomb. And then everybody cried: Eric cried, Sookie cried, Jason cried, Bill didn't cry because it would ruin his powdery makeup, and I cried...then I cried some more out of shame, and went on the roof and screamed "Gooooooodriiiiiiiiiiiic," into the new morning sun.

Now that enough time has come and gone I think we're all ready to let the healing begin with this week's Pros and Cons of True Blood:

Pro: Before all the death and destruction, Bill manages to slip in this little gem, "You may be immortal Lorena, but you are dead to me." Come on, even if you were the blood-tear-faced Lorena, I couldn't get through this conversation without stopping and saying, "wait, what excuse me did you just make a silly play on words while breaking up with me eternally?" Pro for being one of the reasons I love this show.

Pro: Then the great big bomb goes off, and it gets a pro for not being a stupid vision or premonition or something of that nature.

Pro: Pro to Sookie being worried about her brother, and pro to Jason for his "thumbs up" response.

Pro: Bill not killing the Fellowship of The Sun's kid. But Con for everyone thinking that Godric was the first vampire to show patience and understanding while being incredibly tired of the antics of his people. Mopey Bill has been doing this forever. He's cornered the Southern market on "self righteous/self hating vampires just trying to do the right thing." He's just been busy cleaning up after all of Sookie's messes, and trying to keep her out of trouble. Sure Bill doesn't really want to be here, and he's tried countless times to pull Sookie out of the whole Dallas mess because it's "not their problem". But this is the moment when we see Bill involved, and it's bad ass. And that's really the only difference between these two: Godric is trying, and clearly failing, to make a difference and Bill is still finding his voice and spine. Don't forget he willingly led a "meet the local vampire" talk at Gram's church.

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Anonymous said...

IMHO. Just not into the whole Bill thing this season. He has lost it for me, and not sure if he can get it back. Maybe if we get the reason he is really in Bon Temps and it is the ONE thing that is the same as the books it could breath some life back into this overly melodramatized character. I liked book Bill.. he was torn and not so ashamed of being a vampire. AB castrated him to me, leaving many of us to turn to Eric for more excitement. And the AS as the viking is awesome. This is just my opinion and only means something to me I guess. Happy viewing.

~~ HellzBellz

Rita said...

I for one enjoyed the episode all of
it,was sad Stan died i don't care
about the pros and cons.Don't watch
to complain about every little thing
they do with every character,sure there will be something wrong once
in a while but that is with a lot
things just enjoy the show.

Mitch_Hammond said...

i actually found this review very interesting, but i can see how she would attract some heat from what she says due to her not reading the books. this is the same girl from the Radio show correct? if not i apologize!

most of it was great, even if i had to agree to disagree on "Bills truebloods Angel, Godric is a poser" aspect.

the whole Nan thing doesn't make any sense to me, shes right up there with the Magistrate, however i got the idea that he might be replacing that old blind woman vamp we meet later. maybe? Nan scene wasn't poorly done, i just don't understand it.

" Dallas " said...

I rarely agree with Meredith and yes she is just a TB watcher not a reader

But I think she is clever and funny and I enjoy her take even if I don't agree