Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sookie's Power Explained

From New York Post

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I loathe spoilers -- both giving and receiving. But today I accidentally stumbled across one for my favorite show, "True Blood," and instead of being filled with anger, rage and hatred, I found myself smiling.

Because the spoiler in question has to do with a mysterious moment that occurred right after Sookie laid her hands on Maryann's face during their confrontation.

Now, for those of you who feel similarly about spoilers, I have put all sensitive information below. So stop reading if you want to remain blissfully ignorant of what or who is behind Sookie's extra specialness.

OK, so this shouldn't be news to anyone whose read the books, but since I want my first exposure to the twists and turns of Bon Temps to be via "True Blood," I've opted out of reading.

However, while perusing a a report recapping a gathering of literary newbies, including Charlaine Harris author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I stumbled across the reveal that Sookie's powers come from the fact that!

Or to use their words exactly, "We already saw Sookie's fairy manifestations when she touched Maryann!"

Love it! I wouldn't expect to see this play out until next season, but still ... fairy!


screamingmimi90 said...

It's true. But in the books it's spelled Faery.

Felicia Cross said...

Spoilers and I have a love/hate relationship. I don't want to know yet I HAVE to know!

I can't wait to see how this plays out in Season 3...but I'm dying to see her zap Maryann again!

" Dallas " said...

They re the Fae but fairy is used most often
"I'm Claudine, the fairy," the huge woman said. "See?"
I had to turn to see what she was doing. She'd lifted her long hair to show her ears, which were
delicately pointed.

Anonymous said...

She's not actually a faery in the book she has faery blood because of an ancestor's dalliance shall we say...

Rita said...

Dallas! i am very much into the fae
my decendents are from Scotland and
am known as scotsirish on my mother's
side and have a very bad temper as i am told.I may be spelling some things
wrong as i have taken my meds. for
the night,so yes i believe in the
fae,and on my father's side to.My
middle name Fay guess why.would tell
you more but i really need to get to
bed.Love to all.

Danielle said...

Actually, she only has faery blood. She finds out in "Definitely Dead" when the Queen's guard, Andre, senses it. She thinks she smells of faery because of her friend Claudine, but Andre tastes her blood and confirms she has fae blood.

This would explain Bill tellng her she's something more than human all the way back in episode 1.02

" Dallas " said...

That's probably technically correct.She is not a fairy, she is 1/8 fae ( by genetics)and traits( unknown powers and traits such as the sunbathing and blood difference) She is also the much beloved grand daughter of a (the ) most powerful Fairy Prince, Niall.

Now Jason is more interesting as he is 1/8 Fae and a bitten not born were panther too....

Anonymous said...

Oh Jesus. I was really hoping they WOULDN'T bring the fairy nonsense into the show. :/ Sigh. One of the weakest points of this series' developments.

" Dallas " said...

True but Hadley would have also had the same % fae blood we just don't know about SA and Andre knowledge of Hadley's genetics.

Charlaine has never told us about Andre smelling fae on Hadley ...we only know Hadley told SA about Sookie "disability"

Sharon said...

I really liked the fae part of the books. And, since we're spoilering here, even though Sookie is part fae, she never manifested glowing hands in the books. But then, lots of other stuff is not in the books either.

Sharon said...

Dallas, genetics are funny things. When you are only 1/8th something, there's going to be lots of stuff you do not inherit from that ancestor. Each time those chromosomes split, you only get half of them. I have curly hair, my son has curly hair and one of his sons has curly hair, but the other one's is straight as a board. Yes, its true, I'm a grandmother!

So Hadley and Jason might not have inherited that fae pheromone that Sookie has, just like they are not telepathic.

Rita said...

Sorry Dallas should not have said that much.I do love the fae i think
maybe they should have waited to
show the fae till let us say half
way in season 3,but as we all know
we really don't how many seasons
we will be able see.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the other telepath guy in the series is fae?

SarahFW said...

Jason's fairy-ness is expressed through the fact that women are irresistibly attracted to him.

And there has never been unequivocal evidence in the books that the telepathy is tied to the fairy blood, so Barry may or may not be part fae.

" Dallas " said...

Thanks -Sarah

Yes we know from the books how Jason's 'faeness' is expressed !

Charlaine has said , I believe that Sookies telepathy does not come from her being part fae ...

Anonymous said...

But do telepaths have special blood because when Loreana bit Barry she commented on his taste just as Bill commented on Sookie's blood in S01-E02.asked the same questions I know that Sookie's fae bloodline has nothing to do with her telepathic abilities. Also, what is the full range of her powers? Does she still have telekinetic abilities that she showed in S01-E01?

" Dallas " said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign in or sign your posts - no one can talk to anony#1 anony#2 etc

Alsaqr said...

AzaR here:
I agree to someone who posted saying that int he book , it did not speak of Sookie power of manifesting flashes from her hand due to her being a faery . Faery blood just made her ' tastier' and more attractive- just like her brother Jason.
But right to one anonymous writer, who mentioned Lorena commented on Barry's blood taste . The series put a halt to what happened to Barry and why Lorena commented on his blood. Nothing about that in the book.
But I assume since lorana is with Russel edingten and she last tasted Barry , maybe she offered him to Russel as his telepath - the book did mention that Barry worked for Russel.