Tuesday, August 4, 2009

True Blood Character Calendar pages 2010-Thanks BloodyMistress!

The wonderfully talented Bloody Mistress from truebloodwiki created these to share for everyone.
I have them all here as easily printable pdf.... ALL 6 months here
True Blood Season 2 Bill and Sookie Couple


Anonymous said...

Where do the images come from? Is it a real calendar in production?

EIBBED said...

love the pics.. real or not..love them..

thanks dallas!

Sharon said...

I love the Eric page, but it looks a little funny without some armpit hair. I've gotten used to all these guys waxing their chests, but not their armpits. At least not entirely. Come on - they are still guys!

The Pam one is really sexy, too. Thanks to whomever is doing these. I would like to know how - Photoshop?

Anonymous said...

Eric looks sweaty and nasty in that pix. I DON'T LIKE THESE IT'S VERY PORNISH AND LOOKS VERY low budget but hey that's what Trueblood is very porn low class kind of stuff.

" Dallas " said...

The lovely Bloody Mistress is doing these - her link is there to her profile on wiki page ( she is quite talented)

These are no the real calendar - it is on sale I'll post a link to it ...
its just screen shots from past eps

" Dallas " said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there Dallas,
Is there a September one? I can't seem to find it.

" Dallas " said...

nope not yet -that i know of