Friday, September 4, 2009

Fangs for the memories: Why 'True Blood' is such bloody good fun

From Chicago Tribune - tell me in a 6 word story why you think True Blood is such a hit !

We're used to top TV dramas evoking elegant meals, six-course affairs full of rich textures and witty constructions. We know we'll usually need time to intellectually digest these savory feasts.

No such time is needed for "True Blood" (which, after a Labor Day weekend break, airs its Season 2 finale Sept. 13 on HBO). "True Blood" isn't a carefully assembled feast. It's not the TV equivalent to a meal at Charlie Trotter's or Per Se.

"True Blood" is a enjoyable jambalaya packed with every thing the chef had close at hand. It's a jam-packed, all-you-can-eat buffet served with a side of crazy.

That recipe -- which creator Alan Ball has effectively tweaked since the show debuted last year -- has turned the populist vampire drama a huge hit: The Aug. 23 episode of "True Blood" attracted 5.3 million viewers, a figure that doubles when repeats are added in. Those are smoking-hot numbers for a premium cable channel. (By the way, the first clip on this post comes from the Aug. 30 episode.