Friday, September 25, 2009

My Review of "Club Dead" by Shawn

Sookie: “Okay, I’d hoped to avoid this, but ... Bill, I rescind your invitation into my house. Eric, I rescind your invitation into my house.”

If you think that quote is dramatic enough, it should give you a very good description for how the third book plays out. Sookie and Bill may be ship-worthy on the series, True Blood but the books have been more conflicting with me.

There are a lot of problems with Sookie and Bill as a couple on screen but I think the biggest one has to be Bill’s possessiveness. It’s never going to be an endearing trait and territorial as he is, this book actually doesn’t feature him a lot in. Though that’s more than compensated with the fact that he’s virtually mentioned every second page.

We’re at the stage that in Sookie and Bill’s relationship, things have gotten progressively sour between them. Bill’s attempts of cataloguing a vampire directory for the Queen Of Louisiana and his attempts of keeping this from Eric, Pam and Chow had Sookie threatened by them.


Rita said...

But we already know that it is not going to happen the same.The end of
season #2 was not the same either,
just have to wait and see what Alan
Ball does with the beginning of
season #3.But can't wait.Is it June

Sylvia said...

Club Dead is by far my favorite in the series(aside from Dead and Gone) and I'm a little worried about how the material is going to be used(or unused) on the show.
The finale left my hopes pretty low because we know for a fact that Bill won't be taking up with Lorena willingly. However, in the book I never got the idea that he had much of a choice when returning to Lorena and that Sookie just didn't 'get that.'
We definitely won't be seeing any trunk scene on the show which is a shame because I think it reveals to the audience the true nature of the vampire and just how primal their need for blood can be. Unfortunately this topic hasn't been addressed on the show so that particular scene from the book would come out of nowhere.
Sookie grows quite a bit in the third book and I'd really, really, really love to see that growth take place on the show because right now I'm having trouble tolerating her character.

" Dallas " said...

Thanks Heather ..

No, Bill had no choice about doing whatever Lorena commanded him to do in the books but he has been released in TB so all she can do is physically overpower him she can not control him as in the books...

I love Club Dead too...and I look forward to Team True Blood's take on it ...

we've seen some primal vamping in TB - Bill with Uncle Bartlett and Eric with the Rednecks

Sharon said...

Lorena could always kidnap him again and torture him this time, like in the book. The rest of it could then play out similar to the book, including the trunk scene, but I doubt that will happen. It wasn't my favorite book, but pretty darn good. My favorites are Dead to the World, Dead and Gone and All Together Dead, in that order.