Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This Vampire Thing Has Gone Too Far

From Buzznet

Okay guys, I'll be the first to admit, vampires are awesome. I've been into the whole thing since long before a sparkling poster child for abusive relationships rekindled it by romantically telling his girlfriend how easily he could kill her. I love me some vampires.

But it needs to stop. Because it has officially gone too far. Particularly the marketing.

Okay, so, Vampire Wine has been around for awhile. I highly recommend it, particularly the merlot and Cab-Sauv. There's also Vampire Vodka and Vampire Energy drink...both of which I've been seeing around for years.

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Anonymous said...

Does it say instruction to warm it on the back? Yuck! I think it looks pretty cool but it's just a bit too too much!