Thursday, October 8, 2009

True Blood Season 2 Time Line Part 3

Days 9, 10, 11 and 12

I think we should illustrate the daily time-line by what Sookie is wearing during these scenes. We know Season 2 went by fast but even in the story all the events happened in just a few days .. You can see how the time-line went for the first 6 days HERE then days 6-8 HERE

Day 9
Tara and Eggs have breakfast and then talk to MaryAnn
Sam is still in jail
ookie goes to talk to Jason in his hotel room They see the Newlin's on TV
Arlene and Lafayette talk at Merlotte's
Arlene and Terry talk about relationship
Tara arrives at Merlotte's with bruises
Lafayette and Eggs get into it
Maxine and Hoyt talk about vampires and Jessica
Sookie dreams about being in bed with Eric

MaryAnn arrives at jail to get Sam
She convinces Sheriff Dearborn to let her have the keys When she goes to the cells Sam has escaped as a fly and she lets everyone else out.
Hoyt and Jessica visit with Maxine at Merlotte's
Lafayette and Lettie Mae go to Sookie's house to get Tara away f
rom Eggs and MaryAnn Evening
Vampire meeting with Nan Flanders
Maxine drinking at Merlotte's when MaryAnn arrives to find Sam
Sam arrives nake
d at Andy's hotel room.
Bill and Eric fight
Godric decides to meet the Sun and Sookie agrees to stay with him
Eric tries to change Godric's mind on the rooftop

Eric leave and Sookie says she'll stay with Godric
Sookie and Godric ta
lk about god
Godric dies (Ep 9 ends)

Sookie dreams that she goes to Eric after Godric's death
She is actually riding in the Anubis van with Jason and Bill's coffin
They see what Bon Temps has become
Back at Sookie's house Carl and MaryAnn are making the meat tree

Sam and Andy make a plan at the hotel
Arlene calls Sam to come to Merlotte's
Bill rises at his house and they see Maxine who Hoyt and Jessica have kept captive
Maxine plays wii
Hoyt tells them about Daphne
Jason leaves for Merlotte's
Sam and Andy arrive at Merlotte's and they hide in cooler.
Lafayette and
Lettie Mae take Tara
Bill and Sookie arrive at Sookie's house and meet MaryAnn
Bill bites her and is poisoned
Sookie uses her magic and she and Bill run away
Jason arrives at Merlotte's and clears the place

Bill and Sookie drive to Lafayette's to question Tara
Jason teams up with Sam and Andy but Sam is taken.
Lafayette is visited by a 'V' customer
Sookie and Bill look into Tara's mind
The townfolk are set to kill Sam when "the God who comes "played by Jason arrives
Sam escapes a
gain as a fly
The crowd leaves and Sam returns as himself to put out the fires
Bill and Sookie work together to release Tara from MaryAnn's hold
Bill leaves to find out how to defeat MaryAnn
Maxine pushes it too far and Jessica bites her
Bill arrives at Queens's house to see her feeding (Ep10 ends)
The Queen offers to share Hadley with him

Hoyt pulls Jessica off Maxine and they leave
Bill asks the Queen how to kill a Maenad
He gets the very strange explanation from the Queen

Day 11
Lafayette, Le
ttie Mae and Sookie try to keep Tara from going to Eggs
Jason, Andy and Sam try to figure out a way to defeat MaryAnn
Sam finds Arlene's kids in the woods outside Merlotte's
Jason and Andy go to get guns from the sheriff's office
Tara is trying to get get Lettie Mae to let her go and Sookie's gets a delayed text from Bill
Sam makes lunch for Colby and Lisa
Lettie Mae turns on Sookie and Lafayette and letsTara escape
yette see Eric as Lettie Mae and freaks out
Jason and Andy arrive to find the Bon Temps City hall in shambles
Andy and Sheriff Dearborn dance and Jason gets guns
Sookie hits Lettie Mae and she and Lafayette follow Tara
Sam takes Lisa and Colby to Fangtasia, he bribes Ginger to let them wait inside for Eric
Tara returns to Sookie house to find Eggs- MaryAnn turns her again into a follower
The townsfolk arrive to tell MaryAnn about how the 'god who comes' came to them the night before -they are punished
Andy is shot by the deputy when he and Jason try to leave the town hall.
Maxine is making her casserole and planning to go to MaryAnn's party
She tells Hoyt the truth about his father
Sookie and Lafayette arrive at Sookie's house and see the meat tree
They encounter Terry and Arlene and Lafayette tries to lure them away while Sookie goes into the house
Sam asks Eric for help with MaryAnn
Pam enjoys visiting with the children and Eric shows them how he can fly and goes to find out from the Queen how to deal with MaryAnn
Sookie enters her house to find Jane cutting off her finger, the horrible kitchen scene
She lays on the flow with Mike Spencer to keep him from yelling
Sophie and Bill are lounging and feeding
Lafayette encounters MaryAnn in the woods shoots her but kills Carl
Sookie, Hadley and Bill play Yahtzee
Hadley and Bill talk a little of Sookie and Bon Temps
Bill leaves and Eric arrives -they have words
Jason and Andy drive to Sookie's house and plan to kill MaryAnn
Bill goes to get Sam for the sacrifice
Sookie goes upstairs in her house to find Eggs and Tara tearing up Gran's room and worshiping a huge egg in a nest
Sookie is stopped by Lafayette who has been turned (ep 11 ends)
Lafayette forces Sookie to get dressed in a wedding dress and takes her downstairs to MaryAnn Maxine is still trying to escape from Hoyt and go to wedding
Eric plays Yatzee with the Queen and finds out what she has told Bill
Jason and Andy arrive at the house only to be taken and turned
At Merlotte's Sam and Bill talk and plan
Egg licking ensues
Bill brings Sam and offers him to MaryAnn as a sacrifice
Eggs stabs Sam
Sam as the bull arrives and gores MaryAnn
Sam turns back into himself and Sookie finds out how Bill and Sam worked together to defeat MaryAnn
Everyone is release and Jason takes Jane and Arlene back to town
Bill and Sam talk about their plan
Eggs is freaking out about why he had blood on his hands
Tara and Sookie hug and plan to clean the house
Bill and Sookie enjoy a calm moment

Day 12
Charlaine is at Merlotte's'
Arlene talks with her kids
Gossiping ladies
Lafayette doesn't want to know what has happened
Jason tells Andy he needs to shut up about what went on, Jason tell him they are heroes.
Sookie and Sam have a tender moment
Sookie receives a special gift; it's a purple dress and an invitation to have dinner with Bill Eggs ask Sookie to read his mind and she see's him murdering
Bill and Jessica talk, she says she is going out with Hoyt
Sam shows up at adopted parent's house
His very ill adopted father gives him the address of his natural parents
Jessica is making out with a trucker in a truck stop and she bites him
Hoyt goes to Bill's house looking for her and leaves her flowers
Bill and Sookie arrive at the restaurant for dinner
They dance
Eggs attacks Andy in parking lot and Jason shoots him, Andy tells him to leave and makes it look like he shot him.
Bill asks Sookie to marry him
She goes into bathroom to think, she decides that she will say, Yes
We see gloved hands strangle Bill with silver chains'
When Sookie goes back to the table Bill is gone .. ( ep 12 ends)