Sunday, October 18, 2009

True Blood wins Scream Awards !

The scream awards will air Tuesday Oct 27th

Science fiction superfans Saturday evening crowned Megan Fox the queen of their film genre, honoring the hottie actress along with a group of her sci-fi peers at Spike TV's "Scream 2009" festival for their contributions to the zombie-loving world of sci-fi.

Fox took home the award for best sci-fi actress for her work in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" while "True Blood" notched four awards, winning best TV show, best villain, and best horror actor and actress for real-life lovers Steven Moyer and Anna Paquin.

"Twilight" also won two top honors at the ceremony, picking up awards for best fantasy film and breakout performance for star Taylor Lautner. Lautner also presented at the Spike TV show a reel of world-premiere footage of the newest "Twilight" installment, "New Moon."

The star-studded ceremony was attended by a host of film, TV and music celebrities including Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Harrison Ford, Justin Long and Christina Ricci, all of whom presented awards at the show.


Alexander Skarsgard wins Best Villain, presented by Straw Dogs co-star, Kate Bosworth.

Stephen Moyer wins Best Horror Actor Male, presented by Liv Tyler.

Anna Paquin wins Best Horror Actor Female, presented by Jackie Earle Haley.

True Blood wins Best Television Show, presented by the cast of The Vampire Diaries.

**HBO’s “True Blood” was a four-time winner, taking honors for best TV show, along with best villain for Alexander Skarsgard and best horror actor and actress for co-stars and real-life couple Steven Moyer and Anna Paquin.

**Since the ceremony wasn’t televised live, stars were free to use four-letter words — and Tarantino, Woody Harrelson and “True Blood” creator Alan Ball did. “Scream 2009″ will be edited into a two-hour special set to air on Oct. 27.


Rita said...

Congrads to the actors and to Alan Ball for such a wonderful show.It
was really funny with Alex having to
been down to talk,but i think they
could have had a taller mic.

Sharon said...

I think the mic is adjustable. I did not see the show. I'll have to check Youtube.

I voted for AS for villain just about every day, even tho he is not really a villain.

Good to see the show, and especially AS, getting the recognition.

Kiki said...

YAY!!! That is so awesome! I didn't have any doubt that they would take away most of the awards. :D

Rita said...

I hope it was ajustable i would hate
for him to hurt his back,if you have
Spike will be on then was not
on last night at 9PM i think The 27th
so you want miss it Sharon be sure
to check the time for sure.

Sharon said...

Thanks, Rita. That's one week from today. I'll be watching for it.