Friday, October 30, 2009

Twilight-themed restaurant planned for Wash. town

Won't be long until we see a Merlotte's in Shreveport, huh ?

FORKS, Wash. — A new restaurant set to open next year in Washington state will be called Volterra after a city in the popular Twilight vampire novels, which are set in the town of Forks.

Owners Annette and Tim Root told The Peninsula Daily News it will be a family restaurant, and they have applied for a liquor license.

Forks already has the Twilight Lounge that features concerts and other events for fans.

The Twilight books and movies have brought vampire tourism to the remote former logging town on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

The Chamber of Commerce says thousands of visitors come asking questions, such as whether it's safe to go camping with the vampire problems in the area.

Information from: Peninsula Daily News,


Rita said...

So why not see if could build a
Merlotte's in La. that would be good.