Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Q&A: 'True Blood's Sam Trammell

From DigitalSpy

lWarning: This entry contains spoilers about season three of True Blood which some fans may wish to avoid!

Over the next three days we'll be cosying up to the cast of True Blood in a bid to find out what we can about season three show them how much we love the twisted vampire drama. First up for a bit of TLC is Bon Temps' resident shapeshifter Sam Merlotte. Season two ended with Sam desperately trying to figure out who he was and heading off to look for his real family. Will such a search finally lead to some well-deserved happiness for the tragedy-ridden bar owner? Will he ever be able to trust again after the Daphne fandango? And how does actor Sam Trammell cope with all those naked scenes? Read on to find out!

Where does Sam's story take him in season three?
"I imagine - and I'm pretty sure - he's going to try to find his real biological parents. He's probably had a desire to see them, unconsciously, for a while, then there was that whole episode where he was with the kids and he realised that one of the kids - Cody - had never actually seen his father. That was the catalyst so that's what Sam's going to do, he's going to go try to find his actual biological parents who he's never met and that is going to be trouble. Alan Ball is going to torture me again!"

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