Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Twilight,' 'True Blood' take opposing approaches to vampire sex

From the Dallas Morning News ( right here in Area 6)

Edward, the undead hero of the Twilight movies and books, broods and simmers like a James Dean starter kit. Jacob, his werewolf foil, sports six-pack abs and looks as if he's been bench-pressing pickups. But they might as well be hanging out in a nunnery for all the action they get. Their chaste love interest, Bella, can only pine.

Then there's Sookie Stackhouse, the spitfire waitress at the heart of HBO's cult series True Blood (based on novels by Charlaine Harris). As Bella chills in the Pacific Northwest, Sookie gets hot and heavy with her vampire beau Bill in steamy Louisiana. No repression here: The deliciously campy True Blood, which enters its third season next year, just says yes. (It also indulges in every last one of HBO's relaxed content allowances. As the ads say, it's not TV.)

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Rita said...

Twilight and True Blood are complete
opposites ,True Blood ( is not TV)
and i hope not, if it was on a local
channel it would be off in a heart beat.Is an adult show and i am a hell of a long way from being a teen-
ager,i do not find Edward sexy,if i
was young it would be Jacob,and
Edward is not a James Dean starter
kit.The Twilight movies are good for
younger set showing right from wrong
as True Blood deals with the every
day world that we live in and how
we respond to it.

Unknown said...

The first season was so awesome because it had just the right amount of sex and violence, mixed with just the right amount of humor. The second season didn't get the mixture right, though, and put in to much violence. Here's hoping that the third season will get the mix exactly right again.