Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crystal Norris is cast

And the powers-that-be behind HBO's popular series True Blood still aren't done filling out the character roster for Season Three. Today another new female was added, one named Crystal Norris, who shares an "electric connection" with Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten).

According to The Hollywood Reporter Crystal, a beautiful "barefoot, sundress-wearing woman", will be portrayed by Lindsay Pulsipher, whom genre buffs will likely recognize from the Masters of Horror episode "The Fair Haired Child". Most recently she's been in A&E's The Beast.

In the Charlaine Harris books on which True Blood is based, Crystal is a full-blooded werepanther who is first introduced in the fourth novel and reappears throughout the storyline up until the ninth book, Dead and Gone. We'll see how much showrunner Alan Ball deviates from that formula come June, 2010, when the third season premieres.


Rita said...

I have read that she also had a heart of gold when did this happen?
There was nothing in the books that
said nor showed that.

Sonya said...

You're right - she has no heart of gold or anything like it!

I know I'm probably way off the mark, but whenever I read the books I picture a really small girl with short, dark hair. I don't know why. How's she described in the books?

But this looks like decent casting.

Sharon said...

She is small, thin and dark. I don't remember how long or short her hair was, if it ever said, but she was, according to Sookie, wild, dumb and mean, a perfect match for Jason. For sure, no heart of gold.

We should be pretty used to this reverse characterization by now.

Unknown said...

Well she would make a good cast.

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