Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dead in the Family -Chapter 1 is up !

Read chapter one here :

it will open as an adobe pdf file ...let the comments begin!

Page 6 should be ok now !


Anna said...

I got to read about six pages, and then got an error from adobe, the rest of the pages were blank. Weird.

Joan said...

Page 6 was blank for me.

Joan said...

Ok, I got another reader - Foxit - (thanks to Charlaine's discussion group) and opened it again. Every page was there. Spoiler: Yay!!! She said she loves Eric!!!

Just said...

As much as I want to say yes, it's great,(I read it twice), I don't know. There's something about they style, or something. I can't place it right now.

Does it seem more like an epilogue than a first chapter to anyone else?

I mean (SPOILER ALERT)...Amelia leaving, the realization of the death toll...Claude walking away...
and then trying to end on an up note with the Aunt Sookie to Tara and JB's kid. "I found myself planning on a future." (END SPOLIERS)

It really seems to me that reading the chapter, perhaps it should have been the chapter that ended DAG.

Anyone else think that?

Unknown said...

I agree with Just D and G should have ended this way rather than ending with the Niall thing. I'm not too but I will be reading the book anyway.

Rita said...

I enjoyed the chapter,i am glad Amelia made Sookie face the fact that
she loves Eric and to speak it out
loud.I don't believe that Sookie will
ever have children but she will be
aunt Sookie to Hunter and to Tara's
baby.Amelia will be back at some
time later to help Sookie with the
blood bond,and it seems that Eric
seems understanding of Sookie in
their love making.Can't wait for May!

Joan said...

I understand Sookie is depressed by all that has happened. There were hints dropped before that there is a way to suppress the bond. But I think she'd want to suppress it so she can feel her own feelings and analyze them herself without Eric's feelings confusing her. I think admitting she loves him is a big step for her.

I'm not suprised at Amelia leaving. I think she'll be back. I do wonder what Claude is up to, is he going to the Fae world?

And remember how D & G began? Not at all like the rest of the book, and I think the same holds here. Appius is on the way.

Christina said...
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Christina said...

I am not sure about this! I have to agree with some about the format or styling. Not to mention that there is not one mention of Bill. I mean he only had silver poisoning!

Page 6 was blank for me to. :(

I agree that she wants to find out if how she feels is real or just the bond. I know I would want to.

I also agree that this should have been the end chaptet to Dead and Gone.

Joan said...

I do agree this chapter would have made a good epilogue to D & G. IMHO, the tone of this first chapter is written from Sookie's point of view (as is the whole series). She's depressed, hence the tone. She does say she loves Eric but also finds him overwhelming and he's "used to being the big fish in the pond." Like I said before, Appius is on the way.

I gotta go wrap Christmas presents. Have fun!!! :)

Torrey said...

Great chapter! I feel bad for people who can't read page 6 because it was the best one! For those on a Mac, by the way, you can open the pdf in Preview and it works just fine :]

" Dallas " said...

The chapter has been fixed on CH site -so go back and download the chapter again and you'll get pg 6

myriam said...

I love Sookie! The beginning of the new book is a little bit sad but I can really "feel what she feels"...

By the way... who is Appius???

Rita said...

Appius is Eric's maker,we heard about
him in Dead And Gone.I got to think-
ing which is dangerous,Bill took a corse in Psychology,not he will be
healed any time soon but he might be
able to help with Sookie's emotional
needs,just thinking.

Layne said...

Though Sookie said that she loves Eric I believe we are seeing hints that Charlaine will loosen the relationship between Sookie and Eric. She has 3 more books to go.

Rita said...

Ok! i read CD again and Sookie rescues Bill and in DaG Bill rescues
Sookie,and then in DTTW Sookie leaves
Eric to go back home,when he catches
up with her he ask where she was,of
course they go back home,then he is
not the one to rescue her and she
asked him where were you.Hope i am
making since.

Lady Jane said...

totally different tone than her other books, maybe this is the "summary" we seem to always get with CH books and I hope this is where that ends so we get a lot more answers in this book. Looking forward to May.