Thursday, December 10, 2009

HBO promotes Blu-ray True Blood

HBO has launched its first TV campaign dedicated entirely to Blu-ray Disc, covering such new release and catalog titles as True Blood, Band of Brothers and John Adams.

The channel wants to communicate the expansiveness of its library of Blu-ray content as many consumers buy or receive Blu-ray players during the holidays.

HBO’s TV spots will run through Christmas. The ads are running on male-centric shows and networks, including during NFL games on Fox and NBC, and on channels ESPN, Spike, G4, FX and others.

In the spot, a man is concentrating on watching Blu-ray content as some sort of angry beast has torn up his apartment. The tagline is “Unleash HBO on Blu-ray.”

“We traditionally advertise HBO DVD titles in the fourth quarter to promote top-of-mind awareness during the holiday retail period,” said Meredith Vincent, VP of marketing at HBO. “This year we have shifted our holiday campaign focus to Blu-ray. Our goal is to build awareness for HBO on Blu-ray, and specifically for shows like True Blood, Band of Brothers, Rome and John Adams.”

Overall, TV on Blu-ray is proving a slower sell at retail than relatively cheaper-priced high-definition films. However, HBO is having success in the category with its audiences demanding the top-quality product, said Vincent. Many HBO shows feature particularly cinematic TV imagery, which is best shown in Blu-ray.

“Where possible we provide the consumer with more than enhanced picture and sound—we provide robust, immersive content that allows the fan and Blu-ray buyer to dive deeper into the program they love,” she said.

To boost the allure of Blu-ray, HBO does try to pack in exclusive extras into its titles. For example, the first season of True Blood includes a separate viewing mode that gives fresh insights into the story line from certain characters, as well as offers hints to future plots.

Blu-ray for $27 bucks !


Rita said...

True Blood and Rome are my favorites,
Band of Brothers is my sons favorite
he said Blu-ray is the best when
looking at movies.

Sharon said...

Generation Kill, from HBO in blu-ray, and starring our own Alexander Skarsgard, is on my Christmas list even though I have already got it in regular DVD. I got a Blu-ray player last month, but it plays regular DVD's also so I will replace very few of my movies.