Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year’s resolutions for Sookie Stackhouse and other Sookieverse characters

Please post your favorite New Year's Resolutions for True Blood S3 characters and Sookie bk 10 characters !

From NY Post
TV characters have their share of bad habits (why else would we watch?), so in the spirit of the New Year, Mama has these suggested resolutions for her favorite dramatic wrecks.

* Sookie Stackhouse (“True Blood”):

To listen, just once, when Bill or someone else tells her that she’s walking into danger. This girl is supposed to be psychic and she makes more bad decisions than an NBC programming executive.

New Year’s resolutions for Sookie Stackhouse and other TV characters
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Sharon said...

It's obvious the writer doesn't really know the show as Sookie is not a psychic, but a telepath.

Rita said...

Sookie is not psychic she is telepath
there is a big difference,psychic
means that they know the future or
can locate objects or people,a telepath reads minds then you have
the ones who have dreams,and then
the ones who can talk to the dead.
Dreams are the ones i have but not
very often,one when i was in my 20's
one after i had my 1st.child,one
after my mother died and one in 1996
after an auto wreck and one about
a boss at a job i worked at before
the auto wreck,not another one
since.and all come about so don't
confuse any of those.

Keyse said...

that story annoyed me, you all should leave a comment for the writer...lazy journalists ;)

Rita said...

Sorry if it annoyed you but the
comment was directed to the fact that
the writer does not the difference
between psychic and telepath is,i am
sorry i mint on harm.