Wednesday, December 30, 2009

True Blood Paper Dolls by Andy Swist

Make sure that you have all the paper dolls -there are a few extras that must have gotten by me ..and check out how nicely it's all laid out now on Andy's site.

Thanks so much to the wonderful Andy for so much fun!

Get some light cardboard stock for your printer !

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Rita said...

Just love your paper dolls,they make
me LOL! And stincls did not work to
well on my front door as they didn't get enough sun to show them good
but will try something else next

Andy said...

Thanks for posting, Dallas!

Rita: Sorry your stencils didn't work well for you. I used these stencils to make a fun paper lantern that might make for a fun Halloween decoration (or for a True Blood viewing party, etc.). You can check out the how-to video on that project if you like on CampBlood House of Horror on YouTube:

Rita said...

Thanks Andy i will take a look and also be looking for other things to
do with the stencils.Am thinking
about doing a tee shirt,white with
black fabric paint to see how that
will look,just don't know when right
now as i am working on a project,
you might look on D's fan art and have a look at my little houses.
Good to catch you.