Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gone with the Vampires: Sookie Stackhouse and Gone with the Wind

Stayingathomenow blog writes about the True Blood / Sookie books and Gone with the Wind, you can read it here

You also might remember this ..

Gone with the Wind mentions in the Sookie books include :

**Note that all the major Sookie suitors carry Sookie Rhett style

Living Dead in Dallas
"This." He scooped me up in the classic Rhett Butler carrying stance, and though I was wearing slacks rather than a long red—negligee? gown?—Bill managed to make me feel like I was as beautiful, as unforgettable,as Scarlett O'Hara.

Club Dead
"Josh will keep you company, I'm sure." I didn't get to see what Josh looked like, because Eric was carrying me upstairs then. "Rhett and Scarlet," I said. "I don't understand," Eric told me. "You haven't seen Gone with the Wind!" I was horrified. But then, why should a vampire
Viking have seen that staple of the Southern mystique?

Definitely Dead
"Here," he ( Quinn) said, and scooped me up, until he was holding me just like Rhett carried Scarlett O'Hara. As his aura wrapped around me, the unpleasant go-away compulsion eased. I drew a deep breath of relief.The magic could no longer recognize me as human, at least not decisively.

From Dead to Worse
I slumped against the kitchen wall for a long moment, feeling dejected. It wasn't a good thing to just sit around, being depressed. Maybe I'd go out to the living room and pop a movie into the VCR, as entertainment for Eric. He'd gone through all myBuffy tapes, and I didn't have Angel. I wondered if he'd like Gone with the Wind. (For all I knew, he'd been around when they were filming it. On the other hand, he had amnesia. Anything should be new to him.)

I sagged where I stood, and Eric, moving faster than I could see, picked me up. It was a very Scarlett and Rhett moment, spoiled only by the fact that there were two other guys there, we were in a humdrum parking lot, and I was unhappy about the damage to my car. Plus not a little shocked. “How’d he get the jump on three strong guys like you-all?” I asked. I didn’t worry about Eric holding me. It made me feel tiny, not a feeling I got to enjoy all that often.


lafemmetopaz said...

LOL. I think Charlaine adds these to the books as a direct reference to Bill aka Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butlet aka Eric Northman.

Bill is brooding, sentimental, honorable, a real 19th century southern gentleman. Sounds like Ashley Wilkes to me :)

Eric is charismatic, gregarious, very confident, a realist, a flirt and aggressive. Sounds like Eric Northman to me

Rita said...

I have to agree it all sounds like
Gone with the Wind,love the song and
the video.So let me ask this,does it
mean that the Sookie is going to end
the same way?Only Sookie with neither
Bill or Eric,but to end up with Sam.

linda said...

Rita I have always felt Sookie will not end up with Bill or Eric. Sam could be the one.


Rita said...

Linda i listened to an interview that
Ms.CH did seems like it was some time
before Christmas maybe before that,
but any way it was with i think it
was CNN but not sure and the host
with whom she talked asked her a
question can't remember what the words were but her answer was that
she didn't like her guys with fangs
and right then i figured that it
would not be Bill or Eric none of
the others but Sam in the end,could
be wrong though.(JMO)

Alex the Girl said...

No way, not Sam. But not Eric or Bill either! Perhaps she'll leave her happy ending a mystery.

Sharon said...

That paragraph where Eric has amnesia is from "Dead to the World".

The video is very cool and I love the music.

And I hope she does not end up with Sam. Boring! And Bill is like an insurance salesman. Boring! So I'm still hoping for Eric, despite the mortal/immortal problem to solve. At least she won't be bored.

Rita said...

Sharon That paragraph where Eric has amnesia is from "Dead to the World".
someone prob.just forgot to put the

whoiseyevan said...

Just sharing this... it seems relevant: http://www.toplessrobot.com/2010/02/gone_with_the_wind_with_vampires.php