Friday, February 12, 2010

Record breaking snow storm hits Bon Temps !

(Photo at left Merlotte's Bar and Grill gets snowfall.)

After dropping over a foot of snow on North Texas a massive snow storm moved into Bon Temps today. Mayor Sterling Norris and sheriff,Bud Dearborn report that the Sheriffs office and City Hall will open at 10 am.

Renard Parish library, Bon Temps branch, according to librarian, Barbara Beck will open at 12 noon.

Shirley " Catfish " Hennessey of the Renard Parish Road Crew says to expect roads to be slick and travel dangerous. They are sanding some bridges in the area.

All other businesses might be closed or opening late -please call ahead. Sam Merlotte says they will be open for lunch and will have plenty of hot coffe and Chili ready for customers.

The snow is breaking all weather records kept for the past century.

Kids playing in snow in Shreveport( phtoto right)

Snow storm visits South


Rita said...

HA!HA!Dallas you are great to have
this,who would have thought,thanks to the start of the day.

Rita said...

OH! And by the way Eric loves snow,I
bet he was out in it last night.