Saturday, February 6, 2010

William T. Compton and the 28th Louisiana Regiment

Now this is an excellent article and excellent research - thanks to allstephenmoyer !

Thanks to Billsbabe “lisafemmeacadienne” for this wonderful article about the 28th Regiment.

The 28th Louisiana Regiment is not mentioned in the history texts, but it had a very important role in Civil War in Louisiana, thanks to Colonel Henry Gray of Bienville Parish, and Lieutenant General Richard Taylor (son of President Zachary Taylor).

In the True Blood storyline, the character William T. Compton served in this particular regiment, so I put together some information for the fans. The history of these volunteers has been reconstructed through journal entries and the few military documents that survived the chaos of the final days of the war.

The 28th consisted of ten independent companies from different parishes, which were organized and trained in Monroe by Colonel Gray

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Rita said...

That was very rough time,they did their best in the conditions they had to deal with at the time,sad to
think that so many men on both sides
had to die,and we think we have it so bad now.