Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Andy Swist True Blood March Contest!

March madness
Last month in honor of Valentines Day, I held a caption contest for a Holiday inspired cartoon. The prize awarded was a 4x6 sketch of the winner's choice of True Blood characters. The winner was DeeDee, and can you guess what character she picked? Here's a clue:

Well, seeing as this month is St.Patricks Day I suppose it's time for another contest.
This time I'm going to pick a person completely at random that's posted a comment. The winner will get a 4x6 sketch of their favorite BUFFY the Vampire Slayer character!

Why BUFFY? Well, I happen to be watching them all on DVD right now. I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out who my favorite character is. I'm torn between Giles and Willow. But really, I love them all. Right now I'm on season three, or is it season four? It's the season that they go off to college. Anyways, I love this show and hope you all do too. You do... don't you?

However, you can only post ONCE! Be fair: one chance per customer.
(Lissen up, DeeDee: I'm barring you from this contest so someone else can win, OK?)
So rub something Irish, and hope the luck transfers with your post.
The contest starts now until March 29th! Happy St.Paddy's and good luck to you!



anne said...

I vote for Spike. Loved his snarkiness and honesty, plus the cheekbones didn't hurt.