Friday, March 26, 2010

A clip from Beyond the Pole, with Alexander Skarsgard from Guardian UK

Stephen Mangan stars in a new mockumentary following two hapless explorers as they undertake an environmental expedition to the North Pole. Here they meet Norwegian rivals, one of them played by True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård

watch here


Sharon said...

I've seen that scene before. I wonder if it is the only one AS is in or how much of the movie he is in. It looks to me like they are trying to ride his coattails to success. I don't blame them for that. Success is what we all want. I just don't want to invest much hope in this movie if he is hardly in it. Why can't those Straw Dogs folks get their butts in gear. 2011 seems a long time off for a movie without special effects.

Rita said...

Sharon i'm with you on this one,and also they need to get their a$$ in gear and finish so we can see Straw