Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Dead in the Family" Word-of-the-Day Contest Day # 6

We have just days until the release of Sookie book #10 Dead in the Family and to build excitement and get you guys thinking, I'm going to release a DITF Word of the Day.
We all know how much Sookie loves her Word-of-the-Day calendars so here goes ..
These won't be spoilers - they will just be thinking words for you to mull !

I want you to guess who might have said the word, who the word was in reference to or any other thoughts you have about that word and post your ideas in the comment area -THERE WILL BE PRIZES !

Please order your copy of Dead in the Family today! Or how about sending a copy to a friend or as a Mother's Day gift?

Dead in the Family : Word of the Day #6 C-O-R-P-S-E
Post your thoughts in comments! The comments so far have been great!


Michi Kaioh said...

I'm guessing that it was Sookie in reference to there being no corpses left after the fae were killed... Or how they would explain/what to do with the corpse of Trey Dawson (sad face, I really liked Tray).

Btw, I have a word of the day calendar And I get one every year because Sookie does. Lol