Saturday, April 3, 2010

New revealing review of 'Dead in the Family '

Dead in the Family
Charlaine Harris
Ace, May 4 2010, $25.95
ISBN: 9780441018642

Sookie Stackhouse, like many of Bon Temps, Louisiana residents, remains in shock as much from the torture she received as from the grief she feels following the fae war that left so many Dead and Gone. Among those who died is Sookie’s fairy cousin, Claudine. Much of the surviving Faes went home.

Meanwhile the late Claudine’s triplet Claude asks Sookie if he can move in with her; she unenthusiastically agrees. The Feds want better control of the paranormal two-nature Werewolf packs with designated registries. This upsets the Were population that fears hunting season. Sookie’s lover vampire Eric Northman has problems when his creator the newly named Vampire King Appius Livius Ocella accompanied by Alexei Romanov arrives without warning, an invitation or an explanation,

Dead in the family is a superb entry in the Sookie saga albeit a bit less action (and deaths) than the previous thriller. The story line focuses on what is a modern paranormal extended family and how politics by those claiming the righteous right of patriotism to intrude within the family under the guise of security. Fans will enjoy this thought provoking urban fantasy as Sookie has little time to heal.

Harriet Klausner


Rita said...

Well!Well!so Appius is a new king of
where? And what and how will this
effect Sookie and Eric?Why does Cla-
ude want to move in with Sookie?
Dallas i am not going to get my com-
puter back for a while,every thing
is going to be taken off and then
reprogramed,so i will be on my hub-
bies when i can get it from him.

Sharon said...

I think Claude is probably just lonely. He went from being one of triplets, then one sister is killed, and then the other. Sookie is probably all the family he has left who is still in the human world and not locked away in fae.

Happy Easter to you also, Rita, and to everyone else. May you find lots of eggs with chocolate!

" Dallas " said...

Thanks Rita for letting us know -Sharon great idea and don't you think Niall sent him to protect Sookie ?