Wednesday, April 7, 2010

True Blood' stuntwoman dies after crash

April was listed as at Stunt woman for Season 2 Ep 11 Frenzy. She looks a little like Arlene here , anyone know who she did stunt work for ?

A stuntwoman who had worked on shows such as True Blood and CSI has died after a motorcycle crash.

April Stirton was riding her motorcycle west on US Highway 101 on Tuesday morning when she attempted to pass a tow-truck, The AP reports.

She was going about 55 mph when she lost control, fell off her bike and was struck by the back wheels of the tow-truck.

The former acrobat died at the scene.

There were no other injuries reported.


Keyse said...

poor lady ;(

Rita said...

I really hate that,she was the one one that jumped out of the tree at
Sookies house,i am sure she will be

linda said...

Condolences to her family & friends.