Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Shocking Moments on 'The Vampire Diaries' Season Finale

The Vampire Diaries has given us one hell of a season, which has managed to tap on various mysteries--from Katherine, the never-ending tension between the Salvatore brothers, the colorful history of Mystic Falls, vampire slayers, and witches to Elena's birth parents. But at the end of the day (or better yet at the end of this season), it all boils down to the Tomb vampires versus the Founding families. And Founder's Day might as well serve as the perfect battleground for this centuries-old war.

The people behind The Vampire Diaries really did live up to its promise to deliver an ending that will leave viewers breathless so I've decided to rundown the most shocking moments on tonight's finale.

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Rita said...

I could not believe how this ended.When
will damon know that it was not Elena?
And is Jaremy going to be a vampire?

Emma B. said...

I feel so sorry for Damon, because he thinks he kissed Elena. And, I mean, she didn't get angry with him or anything, so now I guess he thinks she cares for him more than she actually does. :(

Jasperann said...

I thought Damon could sense other Vampires though. So wouldn't that mean that he knows something is up? He knew Anna was one... But I can't remember if that was because he knew her before or not?

I feel bad for him too though. I really wanted it to be Elena. I knew it wasn't when Jenna came to the door though. Then when watching it over again, I noticed different facial expressions that are not normal for Elena. I think Kathrine is intrigued with Damon again.... Going to be some great Drama next season.

" Dallas " said...

Oh--I think Damon knew the second he touched her she was NOT Elena

linda said...

Great season finale.* Possible Spoilers*I have NOT read the books, this is pure speculation bases on loving all things vampire.

1. I'm not sure I like the nice Damon! I liked him bad! Oh I like him no matter what.
2. Is Uncle John really dead? Compassionate Elena will put the ring on his un-severed finger to save him.
3. Bonnie is a force to be reckoned with.
4. The mayor and son (name?) werewolves?
5. Catherine, great scene, I knew they would introduce her.
6. Stephan it's downhill from now on, Elena will slip from your fingers.
7. Jeremy, so sad!
8. Mr. Satlzman (sp) LOVE HIM, I just need more of that history teacher. LOL


Jasperann said...

Linda, I think you are 'Dead on' for most of the possible spoilers. The books are so different from the show, so reading them would not spoil anything for anyone. Unless of course someone was not expecting Elena to fall for Damon too. But I think they have made it clear that it will happen.

Damon (in the book) only seems to be nice when it comes to Elena. But other than that he is truly not really that good. I love both brothers, so I will be happy with either one with Elena. I think I like the brothers interaction the most though. They make the show for me. =)