Thursday, May 13, 2010

Andys' True Blood Paper dolls and our own Rita's Bon Temps houses mentioned by Charlaine in PBS interview !

Harris: OK, on book tour, people have brought me really personal things of theirs. People bring me ducks a lot, artificial ducks, because my name on my website is duck pond. I used to have ducks. We have a pond. But people bring me all forms of ducks. And some of them are a little large, you know and hard to travel with, but I probably have 400 ducks — you know stuffed ducks, plastic ducks, glass ducks, duck lights. (Laughs.) I have ducks. I have lots of ducks. And then someone brought me the paper dolls of the characters on “True Blood.”

Stewart: Oh, cool.

Harris: You know, someone put out the paper dolls, they brought me those, and I was going, OK, now that is different. The weirdest thing somebody has sent me, this woman and, God love her, she put so much work into them, she made all the houses in the series out of needlepoint and sent them to me. Yeah. I mean they’re small, but, gosh, that represents a huge amount of work. But talk about a gift I never expected to get … I was delighted that she was giving me her creativity in return for mine, but I was also astounded.

See all Rita's houses here

Andy Swist's True Blood Paper Dolls can be found here


Rita said...

Dallas!Thanks so much just enjoyed making
and sending them i enjoy her books so
much,the books are one of the hilights
of my day.

Sharon said...

Whoa, Rita! Hitting the big time. They are really cute. It's nice to have your efforts recognized.

Rita said...

Sharon i just thought it was really nice
of her to say she had gotten them,this is
the second time she has done this.

Andy said...

Thanks so much for sharing the news, Dallas, and congrats to Rita, too! :)
I'm happy to hear that my paper dolls are something "different"! LOL

" Dallas " said...

I know she's poking a little fun at Fandom but you guys can imagine how much SHIT she is sent every day and these are the 2 items she remembers and references !
Now that's the compliment ...I think you both are very talented and inspired ! Ha!