Saturday, May 15, 2010

True Blood Star Anna Paquin Hints at Split On Screen

True Blood star Anna Paquin has hinted that her on-screen character Sookie will split with vampire Bill in a future episode. The 27-year-old actress plays the role of Sookie Stackhouse in the hit HBO show, and her real-life fiance Stephen Moyer plays Sookie's boyfriend Bill Compton.

Asked if they will stay together, she said to UK newspaper Daily Mirror: "Well, no TV show keeps the main couple together throughout the whole run. That would be boring."
She added: There's got to be some conflict there, otherwise it's not so entertaining ."

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Rita said...

Well if you read the books you know what
Anna is talking about from Club Dead.

linda said...

Yes softening the blow for us Sookie & Bill fans *cry*, but on the TV show lot of different things can happen and they have. There's hope!


Jasperann said...

I'm excited for the split. Not just because I am not a fan of Sookie and Bill together. It is more of for the drama. I love Drama in my TV shows, not so much in my real life. lol So as long as it is done right. You know the kind of break up you need a tissue box for, I'll be a happy cry baby.