Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camp Blood: Blood Work back for True Blood Season 3 and with us for Talk Blood: True Blood Radio!

We are waiting for Andy and Brian's first True Blood vlog ...and of course, they are also part of Talk Blood : True Blood Radio Team along with me and the lovely@sookiebontemps

Haha to the new poster - if you watch the vlogs you know the cats are frequently the real stars of many of the videos reviews.

Here the guys are getting us ready for the season 3 !


Rita said...

OMG!they are so funny,can they get any funnier.You can not have Camp Blood with
out them both just can't be,can't wait for
the videos.Good work !

Rita said...

Sorry guys i forgot to say something about
the cat poster,well i love it.Need to do
more.I am a dog person,but i like cats to.