Monday, June 28, 2010

Denis O'Hare: It’s hard to be sexually inventive after 700 years

Last week fans were introduced to Russell Edgington, the vampire King of Mississippi. Now, I'd like you to meet Denis O'Hare, the remarkable actor who brings this "True Blood" baddie to life. Or death ... immortality is confusing.
And exactly how long his character has been alive was quite a coup for Denis, a self-proclaimed history nerd. It gave him the opportunity to create three millennia worth of backstory. From the bed of the Danube to the coast of Europe, Denis mentally charted a course his character probably trekked.
A journey that brought him and his life partner, Talbot, to Mississippi and into our living rooms. And while my interview with Denis had me reaching for the nearest Atlas, it was also an enlightening conversation where I learned about his process as an actor, his feeling on playing "True Blood's" first gay couple and the recurring nightmare this bloody show has left him with.
PopWrap: You were a fan of the show before joining, so let's start with one thing you love about working on "True Blood" that fans may not know.
Denis O'Hare: The teeth are fun – they’re tough to talk in, so we have soft fangs and hard fangs. Soft fangs are for biting people, so you don’t hurt the other people, and the hard fangs are for speaking, because they stay in better and are easier to articulate with. But either way, my favorite thing to say with the fangs is Sookie Stackhouse [lisps out her name]. It’s like a vampire retainer.

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Rita said...

For Russell to be a bad guy i really like him,he just has a way about him the char-
acter is very interesting and being a
druid was something else as some of my fore bearers came from Ireland and Scotland,i love stuff like that,but i am
sorry i just don't care for Talbot but he
is very funny.Just wonder how dark Denis
is talking about.