Tuesday, June 29, 2010

* Log in Blood Work! “True Blood” vlog 3.03: Twist and Shout

Talk Blood Radio team members, Brian and Andy just posted their #.03 episode vlog

Sh-Sh-Sh-Shake it up, Lorena!
Yes, Gay Pride in NYC just so haaaaaaappened to coincide with the most insanely effed-up True Blood moment of the season … so of course Andy and I did what any good horror-lovin’ homos do when faced with vampire-induced severe spinal trauma: We threw a dance party!
Seriously, lady – this week’s episode had it all, from Bud Dearborne’s anal overshare to Pam’s Estonian boxed lunch to the greatest WTF sex scene in the show’s already quite checkered history. Relive it all – minus the chiropractor Bill bill – above.
Bonus: A screencap of the scariest thing you’ll ever see before your morning martini coffee, after the jump!

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Rita said...

First love your t-shirts and can't believe Andy now you are warming up
to Eric yall are something else,Franklin
and that head ,well Jessica needs help but not that kind of help,Oh! Bill and
Lorena i hope we don't see that happen
again,but i don't see it as rape even
if that is what it looked like,but he
just went bonkers at the end,next episode
will be very interesting.

Unknown said...

I also love the tees!! I think your video was great Keep it up!!

Unknown said...
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