Thursday, June 17, 2010

True Blood 3 Ep2 Ask Ausiello spoilers !

Question: The True Blood premiere was awesome. What’s coming up, ahem, necks? —Tyler
Tee-hee. You swapped next for necks in a question about True Blood. Tee-hee. Here’s some prattle for you, straight from series creator Alan Ball: In the second half of the season, “all hell breaks loose,” he tells my colleague Tim Stack. “Certainly, everybody finds themselves in danger. Loyalties are tested. There’s a lot of deceit.” And though the lies will be spread around, the dots will connect in the end. The stories “do converge,” Ball confirms, culminating in a season finale that he calls “very big. [But] it doesn’t center around one particular event the way the first one did. The first one was all about Rene chasing Sookie. The second one was all about Maryann’s ritual. This [time], there are a lot of big events” leading up to “definitely more than one cliff-hanger.” I’m on the edge of my seat already!
Question: I saw pictures of Allan Hyde at the True Blood premiere. Any chance Godric’s going to return this season (yeah, he died, but you know what I mean)? —Maiyer
I think there’s a very good chance of him returning. And soon. Know what I mean


Rita said...

Well we know that Eric does a will so i would think that Eric will be one of the
cliff hangers,Bill and Sookie would be
another one.I don't know about the rest
will just have to wait and see.