Monday, July 5, 2010

Interview with a vampire: True Blood's Deborah Ann Woll gives us something to sink our teeth into

They're cool, they're sexy, and they're undead. Yes, we're talking about vampires. No, not those angsty teens from the Twilight saga, but those cool bloodsuckers from the HBO TV series, True Blood. The series has garnered millions of fans from all over the world since its debut three years ago, and will soon launch its third season here in Asia on July 19.

And while the series boasts a vibrant cast - Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis - for Season 3, the attention also falls on Jessica, a teen-turned-vampire played by Deborah Ann Woll, who has to come to terms with being a vampire. (Jessica wasn't part of the original Charlaine Harris books upon which the series is based, but a specially created character for TV.)

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Rita said...

Deborah is very good at being Jessica,she
has so many things to have to learn,and i
have to say that Bill is not a good maker
i hope that Pam really helps her out,Just
hope that she gets to stay for a while i
enjoy her character so much.