Wednesday, August 18, 2010

True Blood Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 9

Team Talk Blood Member,  Mark Blankenship send us his Ep 9 "Sucker Punch" 

This week's installment may be called "Everything Is Broken," but I'd argue for "Everything Is Waiting" instead. The episode feels like it's moving chess pieces into place and leaving the final three installments to make decisive plays.
But even without lots of action, "Everything Is Broken" is elegantly structured. The storytelling's obvious plan gives me confidence that we're going out with a bang this year.
Take Bill's descent (ascent? dream-scent?) into fairyland. It's solely designed to deliver information that we can use later. Or rather, it's designed to let us know that Bill has received information, even though we don't get to know what it is. There's no action, per se, just the preparation for actions yet to come.
Clearly, this plot strand is about to overlap with several others in the super-narrative that I'm calling Sookie's True Identity.
Who else is participating in STI? Well, Cousin Hadley, of course. Her arc began when she whispered to Eric about Sookie's nature, and now she's confessing to Sookie about her confession to Eric. (Follow me?) Meanwhile, she's also introducing Sookie to her own mind-reading son, Hunter, and intimating that whoever wants Sookie will want him, too.
Another piece of STI comes from Bill's secret file. This week, he tells Sookie about it, but doesn't quite tell her what it means.
In other words, lots of people know about Sookie's True Identity, and they're all prepared to reveal or act upon that information. The only ones who don't know STI are Sookie herself and us.

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Rita said...

I agree with you mark about it all but
one thing,it was his spine not his heart

Anonymous said...

Well Mark I wish you'd fact check your writing before you put it out there. Jason loaded his gun with wooden bullets to go after Bill but was side tracked when Crystal showed up. He put the gun in his truck when he went to Hotshot and he was already at Merlotte's when Franklin showed up. It's not really a stretch that he could run to his truck and get his gun to help Tara.
Sam, Tommy, Crystal and all of Hotshot are not wolves. So they can't possibly be the "united methwolves".
Laffayette's nickname is LaLa not FayFay.
And it was the man's spine not his heart that Russel pulled out.
It's hard to read blogs when there are so many things wrong. Makes one wonder if your even watching the show

Rita said...

Well kitkath70 not all people catch the
same meaning when watching the same show
same with the books,i for one know that
Mark dose watch and he is not the only
one who dose this.Have read several
reviews that have gotten things wrong but
i didn't point all the things out,so don't be too hard on these reviewers as
they don't get paid to come on here and do
this.I pointed out the spine thing as every other reviewer has said the same
thing because his hand came out the front and went out the back. Have a
nice day.

linda said...

Great Sucker Punch Mark, I love your STI and the whole depth of that and I too agree that Franklin came back for a quick goo splatter though I wanted more but now this allow Tara to heal.

Jason and the holy wooden bullets, we are down to (1) holy wooden bullet and one of the vamps is going to get it in the finale is my theory.

As a Bill fan the shower scene was just what Sookie and I needed, loving and beautiful.

Sucker Punch of the Year: Russell! I don't think anyone will disagree with you and an EMMY for Mr. O please!