Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vampire dolls from the makers of Barbie ?

Barbie Meets the Bratz on 'True Blood'? 

Between Twilight and True Blood, vampires have a vice-grip bite on women from 14 to 40. The makers of Barbie are hoping the same monster-love can take hold in younger girls, too.
Mattel is rolling out Monster High, where the children of vampires and werewolves can hang without getting hassled. The toy line and imaginary world (sure to find it's way to TV if it sells) mixes the Twilight series with a heavy dose of Harry Potter, a bit of Archie Comics and a dash of X Men. If it seems like they're trying a bit too hard to be all things to all kids, the character descriptions sound that way, too.
Here's a rundown on the characters from the LA Times:
"There's Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, who is vegan and faints at the sight of blood. Her best friend Clawdeen Wolf, whose father is Werewolf, spends much of her time plucking and shaving her excessive, fast-growing hair."
I have to admit I'm intrigued by the lone male, Frankie Stein, son of uh, Frankenstein, who is into shopping for "scary cute clothes that are absolutely to die for," in what sounds like an admirable attempt to bring an effeminate male into kid culture.
And after years of battling with Bratz in the courtroom (Mattel says Bratz creator developed the idea while working for them), this looks like Barbie's attempt to reclaim some of that territory.
And that's where Monster High goes from innocently lame to just wrong.
The mostly female dolls share most of the Bratz dolls' worst qualities: Smeared-on make-up, bodies that make Barbie look healthy, oddly huge heads, and sexed-up outfits. When did the scary and the sexy become inseparable? I blame Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.


Rita said...

I'm sorry but i am 64 you say women 14 to
40,i'm not dead yet don't care for the Twilight age,so i guess you have the age thing wrong better go back and figure

Unknown said...

The Frankie Stein doll is a girl not a boy.

Patsy said...

Nice blog article. Has you seen this new line of vampire dolls? I think they are actually very interesting. While they are not antiques they could be in the future. I found them at I think with the Twilight craze - these would actually be interesting as a gift or something for that vampire fan. I've never seen a collection like this. Neat idea - vampire dolls.