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True Blood Season 3 Timeline - Part 1

 I'm working on this  - more soon!

Day 1
Episode 1
Opens same night as S2ep12 ends with Sookie looking for Bill in restaurant
Jason and Tara’s reaction to Eggs death
Were’s have kidnapped Bill.
Sookie goes to Bill’s house and Jess hides dead trucker
“Conscience off , dick on “ Andy to Jason!
Sookie goes to Fangtasia and finds Eric and Yvetta
Bill cause car to wreck and escapes from weres.
Sam searches for his family and has an erotic Bill dream

Day 2
Audrey with Magnolia Chamber of Commerce wakes Sam with info on Mickens family
Jason and Hoyt decide to move in together
Sookie talks to Bud Dearborn about helping to find Bill
Sam finds Tommy at a Tire shop
Lettie Mae comforts Tara
Bill rises in the woods
Queen and Magister visit Eric at Fangtasia about V being sold
Lafayette is making chili with cinnamon and Arlene knows she pregnant
Queen tells Eric to “move the blood”
Pam visits Sookie with the check for Dallas
Arlene tells Terry she’s pregnant
Pam visits Lafayette and tells him to sell the V!
Sookie and Jessica go to find Bill
Bill feeds from Old Lady
Tara tries to committee suicide with pills
Sam finds the Micken’s house
Jason enjoys the company of 2 veterinary students
Jess and Sookie find the crash and find the “operation werewolf tattoo”
Bill meets werewolves in the woods and they attack him
End of episode
Episode 2
Same night Bill is fighting with weres when King Russell Edgington
Lafayette finds Tara attempting suicide
Sookie brings Nazi werewolf  tattoo to Eric
Pam gives Jessica tipson being a vampire
Flash back to Eric and Godric in Nazi Germany
Hoyt and Jessica break up again

Day 3
Sookie surprises Jason “Eating chicken in the dark”
Sam meets the Micken’s
Tara and Lafayette go to visit Ruby ( Lafayette’s Mom) Laf meets Jesus.
Sam learns about who he is ..gets to know Tommy
Jessica rents a chain saw
Bill has dinner with Russell and Talbot
Andy becomes a town hero for killing Eggs
Sam and Tommy play in the woods
Franklin sneaks into Bill’s house and finds the Stackhouse family research
Eric pays Sookie a visit (more Nazi flashbacks) and tells Sookie about the history of these werewolves
More of the Talbot dinner and Russell offers to make Bill a sheriff and tells Bill he knows about Sophie Ann and Sookie
Terry tells Arlene his 10 reasons why she can trust him with her kids.
Franklin come into Merlotte’s and talks to Tara
Jessica has “lost” the dead trucker
Jason is drunk and goes on a call with Andy to Hotshot and sees Crystal ( also gets the idea to be a cop)
Tara gets drunk and with Franklin’s help beats up some rednecks
Back to Bill at dinner with Russell, when Lorena walks in and Bill throws an oil lamp at her.
Sookie invites Eric in just in time to take on werewolves, who are now in Sookie house.
She shoots at one of them, he dives, episode ends.
Episode 3
Episode begins were last episode left off.  Sookie shoots, she hits Eris and he kills the were.
At  Russell’s they are trying to put out the Lorena fire, Russell suggests that Bill turn Sookie
Sookie and Eric bury the dead were ,  Sookie decides to go to Mississippi to look for Bill
Tara and Franklin in hotel room
Sam leaves the Micken’s house.
Jessica calls Pam and interrupts her helping Yvetta remember Estonia ( were is Missing)

Day 4
Sookie is asking Sam for 2 maybe 3 days off to go to Jackson t look for Bill/ Sam tells her about his family. She asks Sam to hire Jessica to keep her busy.
Hoyt is helping Jason study for police written test.
Arlene goes to doctor and finds out she is 9 weeks pregnant
Sookie and Tara go to Eggs funeral.
Flashback (actually Bill’s dream) to Bill returning home after Civil war and finding his son dead.
Jason dreams about taking the exam –is awakened by Lafayette on road crew. They find headless trucker in ditch.
Sookie is cleaning the porch and is surprised by Alcide Herveaux (a were) sent to protect her by Eric Northman
The Micken’s family surprised Sam with a visit to Merlotte’s
Sookie and Alcide plan trip to Jackson. He tells her his Ex is “Banging the leader “ of this outlaw were pack.
More flashback dreams of Bills past burying his son.
At Russell’s Cooter is talking to Russell, Talbott and Lorena about Sookie
Bill enters and pledges fealty to Russell and Kingdom of Mississippi
Jason and Tara visit at the bar.
Eric visits Lafayette and gives him his car (sells for $1 to avoid pesky gift tax)
More with Micken’s and Sam at Merlotte’s
Franklin pays a visit to Jessica and brings her the head.
Jason returns home and burns sheriff application
Alcide takes Sookie to Lou Pine’s, Sookie tries to read were minds and Alcide find out about Debbie’s engagement party.
Franklin visits Tara after finding out lots of information from Jessica ( baby vampire)
Bill and Lorena fight and have ‘head turning’sex.


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