Thursday, September 30, 2010

With 'Let Me In' opening, a look at the 5 most savory vampire movies

These are dangerous woods to venture into, for sure.
Choosing the five best vampire movies is sure to stir the ire of the multitude of fans of the genre, people who are proprietary about this romantic, fearsome figure. But with the opening this week of "Let Me In," it's as good a time as any to sink our teeth into the topic. (Sorry, the puns are just too easy.)
These are five I like best, in no particular order. You will notice that none of them includes the word "Twilight" in the title:
— "Let the Right One In" (2008): We may as well begin with the Swedish thriller that inspired "Let Me In," a film that was rightly hailed for its inventiveness, scares and soul. A lonely, bullied boy befriends the mysterious, barefoot girl who's just moved into his shabby Stockholm apartment complex — only she warns him they can't be friends, and she's not really a girl anyway. She's been 12 "for a long time," as she puts it. Director Tomas Alfredson offers plenty of startling scenes, but the real allure comes from the suspense that builds in the stillness, and the sweetness that arises from these two misfit characters forging a relationship they both desperately need, even though they know it can't last.

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