Saturday, October 2, 2010

13 True Blood Houses – for any taste

Sookie's is house is a built set and the Carmilla hotel is just was cgi created image but the otheres are all real places. check here for more

I recently made up my mind to buy a house, but the one thing that has been troubling me is how will i decorate it, what will it say about me?. As a big True Blood fan i am always re watching all of series one and two and some of the things that really stand out i find are the deep south locations, the houses and locations really give you a wonderful insight into the characters and who they are. For example Bill’s house is as dark, brooding and melancholy as the vampire himself. Fangtastia is as wild and unpredictable in its decor as it’s owners Eric and Pam are and Sookies Grandmas house is just as wholesome and cluttered as poor Sookie Stackhouses mind.

Here are a collection of fantastic houses from the True Blood Series 1 through 3, to both inspire those wanting to change the look of their homes, and those looking to step into the dark side of themselves.
First is possibly my favorite house  -
1. The home of Queen Sophie Anne of Louisiana

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