Tuesday, October 26, 2010

“True Blood” producer dissects script with more than 300 at Cinematheque

Standing in front of an audience of Boston University film and television students and "True Blood" fans at Cinematheque, Emmy award nominated television producer and director Gregg Fienberg announced the experience felt "kind of like Comic-Con."
"Except I'm not Eric, and you're not screaming," he joked, referring to the HBO series' sultry Scandinavian vampire played by Alexander Skarsgård.
Fienberg screened an episode of his popular HBO show "True Blood" and explained the making of it to about 300 Cinematheque attendees on Thursday evening in the College of Communication.
Cinematheque programmer and curator Gerald Peary, the head of the film department at Suffolk University and a film critic for The Boston Phoenix, said inviting Fienberg to Cinematheque was "not exactly a hard choice."
"I'm not a television fan, so I usually am very skeptical," Peary said.

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