Monday, October 4, 2010

True Mud : more on the " Bill Compton Muppet "

There is much discussion on the Muppet wiki ( of course , there is a Muppet wiki! did you think we were the only ones that obsessed on a TV show ? ) about the True Blood ( Mud ) Parody

A Bill Compton Muppet appears in a Sesame Street sketch, "True Mud", a parody of the series True Blood. He's a caricature of series lead Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer).The man strolls into a restaurant (whooshing through the room instead of walking) and orders some "true mud." The rest of the patrons accuse him of being a Grouch, as they have a strong affinity for mud. However, the waitress brings him a "true spud", some "true cud" and a man name Bud, who tries giving him his broken watch (a "true dud"). Annoyed, the man throws himself on the floor, with a "true thud". Just when he's had enough, the waitress finally brings in a bathtub full of mud, which he uses for his mud bath.

Jerry Nelson (voice)