Sunday, November 14, 2010

TV Characters That Give Us The Heebie-Jeebies : True Blood's Russell Edginton and MaryAnn

True Blood – Russell Edgington
Used to being able to do whatever he wanted allowed this three thousand year old vampire to be more than just a tad sinister. He shared his blood with a werewolf pack, blackmailed Queen Sophie-Anne into marrying him before beheading the Magister, ripped out the spine of an on-air anchorman and staked a human male hooker. This may be characteristic vampire behaviour but Russell goes from the customary bloodcurdling rein of terror we expect of bona fide members of the undead community to utterly unhinged in about point zero seconds. Carrying the sloppy remains of his dead vampire lover, Talbot in a jar is a level of disturbing that there’s just no coming back from. Russell shows what us the true nature of vampires in his TV appearance:

True Blood – Maryann Forrester
Entering the show in her birthday suit beside a pig, she causes Tara to crash her car and tah-dah! She wangles her way into Bon Temps’ community. Behind the towns’ back, she’s cruel and spiteful, holding a grudge against bartending Sam. She attacks Sookie, feeds off town hence making them loose all inhibitions (providing the creepier scenes of in season) until her final sacrifice to her god can be carried out. The show was already notorious but this maenad’s presence forces the realisation that it’s not just jumping on the Twilight bandwagon.