Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Claude" cast for True Blood season 4

If you thought this season of True Blood was a tad overcrowded, wait'll you get a load of season 4. Three new cast members have just been annouced. Meet Bon Temps' latest residents after the jump.
Deadline reports that Christina Moore (of Hawthorne), Neil Hopkins (a.k.a. Charlie's brother on Lost), and Chris Butler (The Good Wife) will be joining the show for at least several episodes next season.
Moore will play "Suzanne McKittrick, a WASPy Texas housewife who possesses certain special abilities," while Hopkins will portray "Claude, Claudine’s (Lara Pulver) mysterious brother" and Butler is "Emory, a prissy and conservative shapeshifter with his own agenda." 


Rita said...

Well i do hope that Claude is a bit better
than his sister is,i just hope the whole
fairy is better,of corse i just can't wait till True Blood comes back on.