Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How does Syfy's Being Human stack up to the UK version?

From our fiend , Meredith ! Dallas is a big fan of the UK version and I'm tickled the US one looks so good!

We've seen the first three episodes of Syfy's Americanized Being Human series (a drama about a vampire, werewolf and ghost roommates). This thing has a serious shot at becoming Syfy's next hit, if they can fix a few problems. Here's the basic premise. A werewolf, vampire and a ghost all share an apartment. The werewolf and the vampire know each other from work (the vampire is a nurse and the wolf is an orderly), while the ghost is haunting their new apartment. The rest is all drama — good drama, but heaps and heaps of "When will our heroes get a break?" kind of drama. But then again, should they? After all they are "monsters" and feel the need to remind themselves of this fact in just about every episode. But more on the storylines later - let's get to the goods.

The Good:

The Script:
The best part about this series is the script. It's fresh, it's fast, and it keeps the energy high and the melodrama moving. It's exactly the kind of writing style to make a paranormal drama tale palatable for all those not fully committed to the genre. You don't have to live up to the (unfair) stereotypes surrounding True Blood, Twilight and Vampire Diaries fans to enjoy this show in one way or another. That is, if you like clever dialogue

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KellyAnn said...

Absolutely not. I've been watching Being Human on BBC America since it debuted, I officially own both seasons 1 & 2 & know they are done filming season 3. Mitch from the UK is much more delicious! all things, I WILL give it it's chance. But BH UK will always be better to me. Think about it, what if the UK tried to create THEIR own version of TB? How would we feel about that?!

" Dallas " said...

Dallas has always been a huge fan of the UK Being Human and I look forward to the US version too!

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