Thursday, January 20, 2011

True Blood‘s hottest duo, Alcide/Sookie.

ausiello drops this little nugget

Question: Your True Blood spoiler from last week about Jason is torturing me. Any other details about his big risqué scene? —Stephen
At the Globes, Ryan Kwanten said the sequence in question elicited an “audible gasp at the table read… and for our actors to be shocked at anything is a big deal.” Remember: This has the potential to be as shocking, if not more, than last season’s head-spinning sexscapade between Lorena and Bill. Hmmm
Question: Enough about Eric/Sookie or Bill/Sookie. Tell me something about True Blood‘s hottest duo, Alcide/Sookie. —Suzan
I’m 87 percent certain that there will be an Alkie (or is it Soocide?) kiss within the first six episodes of Season 4. (The margin of error is +/- 4.9 percent, so you can pretty much take this to the bank.)


Rita said...

Well we new that this was going to happen
at some point,but hope this is more about Eric and Sookie.

Sharon said...

Amen, Rita. Book 4 is my favorite and I am so afraid season 4 is going to be like all the others. Too many side stories and too many cast members. But hope springs eternal. I sure hope we get the shower scene with Eric and Sookie and that AB is not counting the shower scene near the end of season 3 with Bill and Sookie as "the" shower scene.